Double Oak Women's Club

DOWC Progressive Dinner - Adult Social

Saturday - January 10th
The Appetizer Course begins at 6:00 p.m. at Ashley & Jason Hart’s home on Pepperport Lane


Proceed to the Main Course location at about 7:30 p.m. at Mary Beste’s home on Waketon Road

and finally:

Move on at about 9:00 p.m. for Desserts and the fun Gift Exchange at Terry & Phil Kennewell’s home - 105 Lake Trail Dr.

This is a special evening for DOWC Members and your spouse or a guest. If you haven’t already signed up with your headcount reservation and choice of food contributions, contact Kris Krueger so she can get a headcount, and so each host location will know who is bringing which food items to their home. Drinks are BYOB and please contribute one food item per each couple in your party and bring wrapped gifts ($10-$20 value each) if you plan to participate in the fun gift exchange game at the end of the evening.

January Meeting

January 20th
Tuesday at 7 pm
Join us this month at Terry Kennewell’s home for a very informative meeting. John Bledsoe, an expert on the law, will enlighten us about wills, family trusts, living wills, elder parent care, and other important considerations that may affect all of our families’ security and financial planning concerns for the future.

Remember that guests are always welcome too – so feel free to bring a friend along with you!
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Message from the President

Welcome 2015!

Hope all of you enjoyed the holidays. Our December Pot Luck was such an enjoyable evening with plenty of delicious food and great fellowship. Thank you, Becky, for opening up your beautiful home. The DOWC presented a check for $6,000 to our beloved Volunteer Fire Department, thanks again to those who participated in the November Auction. How blessed we are to live in Double Oak with all these wonderful people!

Now that the busy holiday season is over, I think we can all take a deep breath and relax … well just a little bit. Don’t forget that on page 2 are the Club’s ongoing monthly activities. It’s not too late to join our Adult Social’s traditional Progressive Dinner on January 10th – see details on page 3 and contact Kris Krueger quickly to sign up if you want to participate.

This month we will be forming the Nominating Committee to find replacements for board positions that will become vacant for next year. Take a look in your directory for the various board and committee chairwoman positions. Do any of them tickle your fancy? I encourage you to consider serving on the board, so please give it some thought and contact me if you are inspired to join us.

Become involved, inspire others and make a difference in our little world - does that sound like a New Year’s Resolution you would like to make? I think that will be mine. Sounds better than trying to work out and lose weight – I can never keep that resolution.

Happy 2015!
Donna Gilliam

Community Service Report

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Above: Donna presented our $6000 donation last month to Fire Chief Joe Dent, thanks to our very successful Auction in November. Other Volunteer Firefighters attending were, on the left: Kathy Heimerdinger and Scott Whisenhunt, and on the right: Bob Bowen. Bob and Scott served also as our Auctioneers this year.
Kathy Shake

Our Club

The Double Oak Women’s Club (DOWC) provides a periodic social gathering for the fellowship, entertainment, and education of its membership. Fundamental to DOWC is connecting with one’s neighbors; making contacts with other women for fun and support; and creating a caring environment for ourselves, our children and families.
DOWC supports the community in a variety of ways, including but not limited to; providing a member network for activities and recreation, greeting newcomers, distributing scholarship funds, organizing adult socials, and sponsoring holiday events for the children of Double Oak. Fundraising and membership dues underwrite costs of special and charitable projects.
Payment of DOWC dues entitles a member to all rights of membership, a DOWC Yearbook, and subscription to the DOWC monthly Newsletter. Members receive advance notices of the year’s meetings and special programs. All women who are current or past residents of the Town of Double Oak are invited to join the Double Oak Women’s Club.

Now Open - Little Free Library

The “Little Free Library” is now open, outside Town Hall.
Tanner Martin built it as his Eagle Scout Project and it is now open to everyone in the community. Tanner would like to thank everyone who donated building supplies so that he could complete this project.

Upcoming Events

DOWC Adult Social:
Progressive Dinner – Jan. 10

Lawyer to speak at our
Jan. General Meeting – Jan. 20

Room Design Tips – Feb 17


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