Double Oak Women's Club

November Auction!

November 18th
Tuesday at 7 pm
Town Hall
Join us tonight for the excitement – and bring along your friends and neighbors too, as this is a fundraising event open to the public. Always well attended, and loads of fun, all proceeds from our auction go exclusively toward our annual donation to the Double Oak Volunteer Fire Department. Be sure to bring cash or your checkbook, as we cannot take credit cards in payment for your treasures.

If you plan to donate items for auction, or if you can volunteer to help out with the event, please see details on page three under the Community Service Announcement. See you there!
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Message from the President

Hello Ladies,

It is hard to believe that it is November already! October was such a busy month for the Women’s Club and it was wonderful having members participate in one way or another to make these events successful. A lot of work went on to provide all of our members and the community with something for everyone. A HUGE THANK YOU to all of those who helped make October a fun & successful month! I still want to encourage all of you to volunteer and contribute by either starting small or jumping right on in with both feet. Your Club wants and needs active members.

Our annual Auction is almost here. It is such a fun evening with all proceeds going directly to our beloved Double Oak Volunteer Fire Department. These Fire Fighters do so much for our Town and this is our way of helping to provide additional money for the Department to ensure their safety. We need numerous items for the auction, whether they are home-made, store-bought, gift baskets or a big ticket item, make it something special so we can have fun and encourage some bidding wars that will really raise some money! Oh, let’s not forget items for the men (tools, sports tickets and such) so they can have some fun too. This event is open to all members, husbands, friends and neighbors, so please invite everyone to come and to bring lots of money for bidding to support our Volunteer Fire Department!

Wonderful autumn is here and the holiday season is starting soon. Thanksgiving has me thinking of family and friends, near and far, counting my blessings and giving thanks for oh, so many things….reach out and let someone know what a blessing they are to you and why you are thankful for them to be a part of your life.

See you at the Auction!!
Donna Gilliam

Community Service Report

Our Annual AUCTION in November 18th!

This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and ALL PROCEEDS go directly to our donation to the DOVFD, who so generously serve our town and surrounding community.

Items for auction can be arts or crafts (homemade or purchased new), specialty home-baked goods, personal or business services, tickets to in-demand sports events, collectors’ items, vacation accommodations, gift baskets, etc. If you have an item to donate to this wonderful cause, you can give it to Kathy Shake or to any Board Member before the 18th, or drop it off at Town Hall between Noon and 5:00 p.m. on that day, so we can catalogue everything before the auction begins. We will re-open Town Hall at 6:30 so you can pick up your new Directory, choose your seat, and view the items up for auction before the excitement begins.

This evening is always well attended, kind o’ crazy, and lots of fun! A plate of snacks would be appreciated, since we will have lots of attendees. Even if you can’t donate anything, plan to come and bring your friends or neighbors – and don’t forget your checkbook. Come to meet and support the members of our Double Oak Volunteer Fire Department too!

If you can help out in any way, please contact me.
Kathy Shake
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Halloween Fun Fest Video - Link

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Christmas Carolers Wanted!

Again this year, the Mayor has asked that DOWC members sing Christmas carols at the town Tree Lighting Ceremony on Dec. 2 at the John B. Wright Memorial Park. There will be music playing, and we will have sheet music to read from - so we will know the words to sing!

Put this on your calendar now, and plan to join in to help kick off the spirit of the holiday season here in Double Oak.

Our Club

The Double Oak Women’s Club (DOWC) provides a periodic social gathering for the fellowship, entertainment, and education of its membership. Fundamental to DOWC is connecting with one’s neighbors; making contacts with other women for fun and support; and creating a caring environment for ourselves, our children and families.
DOWC supports the community in a variety of ways, including but not limited to; providing a member network for activities and recreation, greeting newcomers, distributing scholarship funds, organizing adult socials, and sponsoring holiday events for the children of Double Oak. Fundraising and membership dues underwrite costs of special and charitable projects.
Payment of DOWC dues entitles a member to all rights of membership, a DOWC Yearbook, and subscription to the DOWC monthly Newsletter. Members receive advance notices of the year’s meetings and special programs. All women who are current or past residents of the Town of Double Oak are invited to join the Double Oak Women’s Club.
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Upcoming Events

Annual DOWC AUCTION – Nov. 18
Christmas Tree Lighting - Dec. 2
Christmas Tea - Dec. 6
Holiday Pot-Luck Dinner – Dec. 16


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